Husband Cheating Online -What to do?

Has your husband been spending long hours on the computer? Does he close the windows as soon as you enter the room? Has he changed the password to your computer?Do you receive more blank calls than you are used to?

Think again! These might be the signs of your husband cheating online? Cheating online has become the most convenient ways of deceiving your spouse. While the computer savvy finds it the best and sometimes even the safest medium of cheating, the innocent wife sits back without any knowledge of what her husband might be doing behind her back.

Justifications offered by deceiving husbands
If one looks at the reasons offered by such husbands, one can see how their thoughts are colored by lust. Most of them refer to the body of the wife, rather than their mind. They complain of how their wives have put on weight and thus become ugly. Their “ugliness” seems to repels them wherein they no longer can find any sexual satisfaction, thus looking at other women who have beautiful bodies.

It sometimes gives satisfaction to men who have low self-esteem and the web world allows them to be the “macho” man they desire to be in their real lives.

Some men unfortunately cannot simply keep themselves to their wives. They love to mingle even when married.

Indications of Online Cheating

* He spends long time on the computer, especially when you are away or sleeping.
* Prefers to move the computer to a more secluded area, where the screen will not be visible immediately as you enter the room.
* Creates new e-mail accounts and has anonymous mails coming in.
* Makes certain sections inaccessible, by putting passwords.
* Deletes the recycle bin each time he uses it.

These should be enough to arouse your suspicion and provoke you to take matters into your own hands, before they start getting worse because very often these “relationships” tend to move out of the web world and become real.

Ways to fight with it
Though it is a fact that with the advancement of technology, crimes on the web world have increased, it is also true that there has been the discovery of methods to put an end to them. The market is flooded with tools which can actually record the conversations that have been done on your computer, showing you the sites in detail which your husband has visited. It is best to take the advice of your legal representative, regarding the legality of using such devices before actually beginning to use them on your husband’s activities.

The best way is to try and find out the chatting places that he goes to. These have often been the regular visiting points of people cheating online.

Check your computer as well as your telephone bills to identify the regular presence of any unidentified local or STD calls.

After you have got enough proof of your husband cheating online, just go ahead and talk to him.