Law, Sex and marriage

Law, sex, and marriage are related closely. Sex has inevitable importance in marriage and has law associated with it too. Know here whether law, sex, and marriage make things easy or complex for the married individuals.

Christianity about law, sex, and marriage

As far as sexual activities are concerned, most of the married Christians do what they think works good. When they are lucky to have got something which adds pleasure, satisfaction, intimacy and climax, they go on with that practice. But about the sexual activity, if they may get plagued with guilt for they wonder whether they are doing something good or sinful.

There is a difference between what law decides about sex and sexual activities and what the religious sets decree. Still, most people see no difference between them and treat both decisions equally. However, churches have not said much on this issue.

The Bible is not a guide for sexual technique; still some people believe that Song of Solomon tells you about accepted sexual behavior and positions. It is a poetic love song that has embraced the joy of sexual game. Similarly, there are many other particular sexual behaviors that are mentioned out in scriptures.

The scriptures are also clear in expression about the evil of adultery and premarital sexual intercourse. Most of the culture admits it to be normal and appealing. You may see most couples abide from the results of their promiscuousness. The sexual freedom is not believed to be free and generally brings some heavy price.

Sex and Marriage Law

Law is quite strict about some specific sexual practices in marriage. It terms some of them legally right and some other legally wrong.

Adultery is a main illegal sexual activity. It is to have sexual intercourse with a person other than your own partner. Marital faithfulness is always held with importance. It is considered as deceit against one’s partner.

Marital rape is a term that is used to depict non consensual sexual activity between a woman and her husband or former husband or any intimate long time partner. The victim of marital rape is legally able to make charge quite in the same way like the other sexual assault cases. Marital rape is said to be illegal in all the 50 states. In 1994, marital rape discharge done away in Texas on September 1.

Coming under the discussion of law, sex, and marriage, the marital sex acts can be Inter-course or anal or oral sex. It is a forced sexual behavior and also undesired, afflictive and extremely humiliating for the victim. Even in normal marriage, if your partner makes use of force or threats to submit to sexual acts or sexual intercourse, it is the situation of marital rape.