Leisure and Privacy in marriages

After you are blessed with marriage, the real ordeal to face life begins. Leisure and privacy in marriages are important and you have to deal with them just right. They work behind the scene to make your relationship deep and strong. Both leisure and privacy are important in marriages to make your relationship happy and sweet.

Leisure acts as antidote

Boredom in a relationship can be dangerous. A boring marriage looks harmonious from outside but deep inside the married couple knows that all is not well. They may be very agreeable, peaceful with absolutely no bitterness, rage or infidelity. But boredom leaves everything behind.

A marriage with no troubles at all means that there is no challenge, no excitement, no emotion, no change or no surprises. In other words, such marriage sounds boring. A majority of such marriages die with boredom.

If you live your relationship thinking-we are parents, have sex or run the house together-your relationship is bound to be boring. If you live a highly routine life in a totally predictable way, your life is bound to be boring.

Leisure comes in rescue of such boring marriages. It not only rejuvenates your marriage, but also gives a new angle to see your relationship. Leisure refreshes the boring way of living and fills excitement in our routine life.

Leisure prevents the conversion of your partner from someone who always loved you and excited you to a mere functioning body at the background of your life.

Never withdraw the valuable resources of your time and energy from your marriage to invest it in your work or friends or relatives. Leisure means to do creative and interesting things and it is possible when you are underinvested any where else and over invested in your marriage.

Think of new and romantic ways to sizzle your marriage. Cook together, wash together, go for a walk in woods, have picnic or just lock up the doors and enjoy the intimacy. Do new things in leisure to bring excitement.

Who doesn’t need privacy?

Privacy in marriage is always been debated. As one should always have some leisure in marriage, it is not said that people must have privacy in marriage. It is under attack in the public arena after the federal court made ruling that the right to privacy endangers marriage. They believe, marriage is about selflessness and privacy brings selfishness in marriage.

The very idea about the right to privacy is not in the interest of common good, but concerns only “ME.” Still the marriage dwellers believe that they should have some privacy. Perhaps, privacy brings to them confidence and the ability to live the relationship better.

Leisure and privacy in marriages are important. It depends completely on you about how you want to live your marriage to be-with both of them or without them.