Living Together Without Marriage

How different is ‘living together’ in it from marriage?

The general perception around ‘living together’ is trying out marriage without actually having done it. Have you ever heard of trying to taste your pasta without cooking? Though it is not as ridiculous as that, it is definitely a way of getting the right recipe to prepare pasta but with smaller quantities. What does that mean? Read On.

Soon after a marriage the couple go on a honeymoon, as if they have never spent their weekends at a new place earlier. And when they come back, that’s where the marriage starts. That is the reason why people want to try the normal things first and start off with the actual part later.

Well it works most of the time. Actually many successful marriages today involve couples who were in a “live-in relationship”. They fought, broke glasses and dishes, shouted and went on with their careers as well. So where does the difference between marriage and ‘living-in’ come in? The answer is ‘it depends’.

Yes, it depends on what your are thinking. Marriage is mostly a ritual and a traditional act. However what people express by saying “getting married” is that they are happy that they have chosen a partner, hoping to live with them for remaining life time. They want to express this happiness and share it with their other loved ones, friends and relative and celebrate the day.

But if you are person with a lesser number of loved ones, then ofcourse living together is the same as marriage. You need not think of celebrating it – may be because you think every moment is celebration or your economy doesn’t support it.

But in a live-in relationship you no one is called a husband or a wife. Again it depends on how both the man and a woman accept this fact. No words can change the way you feel for each other. But deep down the way our so called civilizations have conditioned us so much that you feel a pinch towards being called a husband or wife.

But in true sense it matters only legally to be called married or unmarried. If you want to fight against it, you can or if you don’t care you need not. Also you can use the ‘legal’ marriage certificates for some benefits. However what matters is what you feel for the other person and how happy you both are together (with or without marriage).