Love and Marriage

Should I or shouldn’t I

Congrats! When you are asking if it is the right time, it is a fact that you are in love. Whether you are ‘in love’ or ‘on love’ is a different issue altogether. People tend to have too many doubts about marriage. Myths, media, and the existing culture do scare us. But why worry so much?

The first question that can give you the jitters is WHY do you want to get married? There are too many answers for it, aren’t they? Not a problem, you still know the answer. You want to end the rut of getting up and thinking of your soul mate. And when you sleep all you do is cannot stop of thinking of him/her. If the reason that you have is anything lesser than the one state above, then don’t get married.

The ‘busy’ness of building up a career today is so huge that many people ask ‘why marriage’. That is a very valid question. However what is marriage after all? Is it a ‘paper of agreement’, is it an ‘exchange of rings’ or is it just saying the ‘I do’? Well it is more than that. But marriage is more than that.

Marriage is a simple way of telling people (whom you love) that you have found your soul mate and decided to tell about him/her to them. In another words Marriage is telling the people who gave you the world that you have found that some one who can light up that world.

Give yourself half a chance more, and go with it. It works. Congrats once again!