Love & Money

Love & money have a deep relationship often affecting the other intense relationship, marriage. Money can make the love in your marriage or can even break it what matters actually is how you deal with the situation. Read here about the roller coaster ride of love & money.

Love & money go together

With the first step in the world of love, as the couples begin dating, they talk about their each other’s goodness and future plans about their career, family, marriage and honeymoon destinations. However, money hardly gets place here in these love talks. The dating couples seldom talk of money. It may be because they give more importance to love over money, and also that they think that they offend their love.

Later, when the couple gets married, they realize that love is not the solution for their money problems. They experience that it does no matter how strongly the husband and the wife love each other, they always have to struggle for power and have variances and fights over the money issues.

Talk about money in love

Following the saying, “A stitch in time saves nine”, you should deal with the money problems before it gets worse. You should talk about money, never mind even if you feel it to be sensitive issue. To discuss such issues previously is always best than having misunderstandings and fights in a love relationship.

So if you are planning for your first marriage or if it is your fourth marriage after three divorces, having an open discussion about love & money is always important and in fact the same each time.

Always ask some of the following questions-

  • Prenuptial agreement

    Talk to your partner whether both of you should have a pre nuptial agreement or not. It is a sensitive issue. Your partner may feel that such agreement shows lack of trust in the relationship. Life always has ups and downs and same applies for the relationships also. They may not be smooth forever. The pre nuptial agreement may include agreement for kids from previous marriage etc.

  • Debt and Credit history

    What sort of debt are you in? It may be a mortgage loan or a credit card debt, but there is a lot of difference between the two. Tell your spouse about your credit history. Your partner’s credit history can often tell you about his or her spending habits, bank accounts and credit cards. For sure, you will like to think twice before making commitment to some one who is neck deep in debt or is a spendthrift.

Career objectives

Ask your partner about their career objectives and tell them yours. A serious problem may arise when your partner aspires to have second income from your full time career, while you wish to stay at home. Always clear up such misunderstandings so that both of you have a clear idea about what you want in your life.