Marriage and Divorce Statistics

How will divorce statistics help my marriage?

Every year atleast 12 marriages out of thousand end up with a divorce in England and Wales. On the whole, atleast 50 marriages out of 100 have already broken up in the US alone. Or for that matter, even Japan and India, considered very traditional in approach to marriages are finding increased number of petitions for divorce every year. Let’s try and makes some sense out of the statistics by using the relation between ‘age and divorce’.

It is found that the marriages in which the wife is a teenager are most likely to end up in a divorce in developed countries. Research shows that teenage wives around the world find it difficult to deal with marriage. The result is a divorce in developed countries where women are free to express themselves. However in countries where women is directly associated with keeping the tradition or looking after the family, this is considered a sin. She will have to stay in marriage either by learning to deal with it and feel terrible and still be married.

Not surprisingly, the age in which both women and men tend to get the best out of their careers and energies is between 25years and 35 years(mostly 32 for women). Therefore men and women between 25-35 years are the most number of divorcees living on the planet. However 90% of them are most likely to get married within a gap of not more than 3years from their divorce.

What’s more amazing is that married people around 35-45 of age are a bit more like those between 20-25 years of age. While 20-25s are gaining their energies and learning, 35-45s are losing their and learning. People who get married (even if it is not for the first time) after 35 may have a long lasting marriage, which is also the case with those getting married between 20-25 However 20-25s also have good divorce rates, while 35-45 also are not far behind.

The age group between 45-50 is interesting because this forms the group that has the least number of divorces. This could be because they already have children and orderly lives that they might have got used to. But the shocking fact is that the divorce rates of people who age 50 years or more, have been increasing and the reasons are still surprising.

Whatever the reason behind divorces, couples from a long lasting marriage say that it is communication, and time spent together that make a marriage last long.