Marriage Proposal Ideas

Now that you have found the love of your life, don’t let her go! For that you need to know special and romantic marriage proposal ideas to make your love come to you forever. We admit that to think up instantly of a marriage proposal idea is not that easy. But if you really get the right one, it will make your life. Read on to know some serious and genuine marriage proposal ideas suiting you specially.

Have the marriage proposal ideas that work

Proposal of marriage is an exciting moment in everyone’s life. It can be the best thing that may happen to you ever. Before you choose one of the following marriage proposal ideas, be prepared in your mind. Know that it is an important decision to make. Whatever the idea is, you need to present it with love, care and sensitivity.

Hot date

A hot and romantic date is the best way to have a marriage proposal. Take her to the very place where you took her for the first date. Remember your golden pat time and begin saying something such as, “This is the place where we began our love and have come a great way together. This is the best time to have the next step and unite our love forever. Will you marry me, darling?” You should always make sure that your marriage proposal is a great success without offending your love.

Christmas time

The festivity and jubilance of Christmas makes it perfect as a marriage proposal idea. You can get the Santa to accompany you while proposing marriage and make it fun. This may even help you to get rid of your nervousness. You can even dangle the ring box on the Christmas tree. You can intentionally make your beloved to find it, telling her there is a surprise for her there.

You may have a big greeting Christmas card but may write “Will You Marry Me” in big letters. Another creative idea is to pack the ring in a small box and keep it inside the successively bigger boxes. Your love may assume to have a big gift, but will be high on joy to see the wedding ring. Do not forget to get down on your knee with rose under teeth as she opens the last box.

Unusual ideas

The unusual marriage proposal ideas are amazing in the sense that they surprise the receiver and have a high potential for success as they are creative. The basic idea is to spell out your marriage proposal in a place where your love may not expect to see it there.

You can use alphabet magnets pasted on refrigerator, writing on the bathroom mirror with lipstick, use glow in dark stars on bedroom ceiling. You may even slip a hand written in your hand writing in the real newspaper. You can even make her play a jigsaw puzzle and write your own marriage proposal.