Marriage Proposals

How should I or how shouldn’t I?

Love and marriage are always very relative terms. And it is always a great feeling to be in love. Coming to a decision to get married is all the more confusing. And when you do make a decision then concluding to make it as surprising to her/him (10% of women propose their men) is more than confusing.

Well, many people would give you ideas and you may begin to wonder whether it is going to work. Or probably you are too shy to ask some one else help you with your proposal. Well don’t think too much about it. Work on it. That’s the first tip you will need to relax your heart and mind that’s flowing away in love.

Analyze what she/he likes

You must already know what he/she likes and is especially crazy about – it could be a photo with an elephant, her mom’s photo or her parents, her car or a music system or a song. Are you beginning to think that you already thought of it? Well great but how about prioritizing all the things – from the material (& affordable) things to the emotional ones.

Keep it simple

Do not imagine that the kind of surprise that you want to give her needs to big. Well think of the routine that you get into and think of when she is mostly unaware of what you are going to do. Well that’s the time to hit.

But, what if you’ve planned something really big and you think everything should go well then go with it. But still keep it simple. If you are going take her to one of her favorite costly restaurants then you could simply ask her that there is a ticket that you’ve won and exchange online or some reason.

Drop Hints

Ofcourse, what’s the fun in a surprise if you do not get the fun of what you are giving your sweetheart? Drop hints rarely but strongly. Ask her about her favorite hotel out of the blue and then talk of something else. Yes you will need award winning acting skills. But yes, when your sweetheart recalls it all she/he should be able to get that these were important hints that he/she missed.

Dropping hints is a very dangerous high because you tend to get great fun of it. So keep it to a minimum. And on the D-day don’t even think of dropping a hint. Let the surprise take over suddenly without preperation

And when you think that you could try something tried and tested again and again, may be you should think again. Why? Because your sweetheart is unique as he/she is going to get married to you. Happy married Life.