Opponents’ Views on Arranged Marriage

The arranged marriage has always been a hot topic of discussion. There are two main views about it-one supporting the arranged marriages and the second, opposing arranged marriages. The opponent’s views on arranged marriage strongly oppose the practice of arranged marriages.

Why are arranged marriages opposed?

The arranged marriages are in practice all around the world. In arranged marriages, the parents or the eldest male member in the family selects a spouse for the young and marriageable boy or girl. Young boys and girls in the countries where the practice of arranged marriages is common are told from the early age that the family will choose their spouse for them.

The girl marries a boy because her family has decided the spouse for her and she needs a husband and financial and social security. Although this marriage is not based on love totally, there is always some sultry tension going up under the surface.

One biggest opposition is to the fact that the son or the daughter, who opposes to the arranged marriage, gets disowned and treated badly.

The argument of opponent’s views on arranged marriage alleges that the only reason for the couple to be together is the pressure of the two families and of the society as a whole. They are concerned to keep the marriage going no matter whether it is successful or not.

It is often seen in some cases that if the husband and wife don’t go along together, the husband may become abusive and violent with his wife. Even, the in-laws of the husband might be offensive with her, if they don’t be able to adjust with her.

Do arranged marriages really work?

Though opinions differ on this subject, the opponent’s views on arranged marriage say that they get many problems together. Statistics tell us that the divorce rate for arranged marriages is quite low than United States. But the opponents say that this is because the couple marries in pressure and they do not have the option of divorce.

Even when the girl and the boy do not like the spouse that their family selected for them, they may get divorce. But with this, they get renounced by their parents. The society also treats them bad.

Arranged marriage amongst immigrant people divides the communities. It is considered bad not only for the particular women referred but also for the women of society. Women are vulnerable and the society tends to manipulate them as they wish. The women face even more problem as they are far off home and are totally dependent on their husband’s family. It prevents integration in the communities and promotes mistrust.

More over, there is a very little difference and a fading line between the arranged marriage and the forced marriage. The opponent’s views on arranged marriage term the arranged marriage no less than a forced marriage.