Perfect Age to Get Married and Have Kids

The perfect age to getting married and having kids varies these days as many women are entering the job market and are postponing their marriage plans and having kids. Earlier, 19 years was considered to be the ideal time for marriage and one had the first kid while being just 21 or 22 years old.

Nowadays, this upper age limit has gone up and, women are getting married at 25 and above and are having childrend much later in life. One must remember that one should have their kids by 35, as it is considered to be good from psychological and physical health point of view. Yet there are late marriages, and women are also having children in their late forties, coping up with the risk factors.

Reasons for delaying marriage

  • Major reason is increase in educational standards of women. Women are pursuing professional courses and also pursuing higher academics
  • Women are entering the job market
  • Economic independence
  • Want to enjoy their youth
  • Do not want burden themselves with children early.
  • Men want to be sure that they are financially well off to raise a family
  • Women wanting to remain single for a longer time
  • Higher divorce rate,if married young
  • Economic pressures
  • Level of emotional maturity of the partners

Why teenage marriage is unadvisable?

Teenage marriage is now a thing of the past. Many are avoiding getting married at 15 or 16 years of age. They do not want to burden themselves with responsibilities that early. Having children when they are young means,they are inexperienced to raise them well. The child suffers in physical and mental growth, if the mother is not well equipped to raise the child. Too eaearly responsibilities can prove to be irksome also, and the young mother takes out her frustrations on the child.

The young teenager is still immature emotionally and has to enjoy life. By rearing children, he or she loses out on the fun. Also divorce rate is high, as the young teenager often is not able to decide upon the right man or woman. Parental guidance is required, and if not available, then the teenager finds it difficult to rear children properly. Termination of teenage pregnancy proves detrimental to the mother.

Planned marriages

Marriages and having kids are planned nowadays. Partners are conscious of their educational and economic status, and marry accordingly. Those who are more educated marry late as they would like to complete their studies before marrying. They also plan having their kids so that they are well equipped to take on the responsibility emotionally and financially. Due to growing inflation, men have become conscious that they have to have a good job to sustain a family. Women are also bread earners these days, and having children should not jeopardise their jobs.

Marry at the right time if you can and enjoy life to the maximum. Be a good mother or father or a wife or husband.