Perfect Marriage

Is it possible to have a perfect marriage?

If you can manage to talk to every divorced person for an hour, somewhere in the talk each of them will have said, “probably I was looking for a perfect marriage”. However if you notice carefully every person who is single is looking for that perfect mate, every person in love is looking for a perfect outing; every person on an excellent outing is looking for the perfect moment.

What is so interesting and amusing about this word “perfect” even though people give up saying ‘nothing is perfect’? Actually perfect is a misnomer, because many people do not realize that what they call “perfect” is a certain stability. If this stability continues for longer periods of time, the perfectness of a situation or a scene or a person vanishes, suddenly.

So, then if the meaning of the word ‘perfect’ keeps changing with time, then doesn’t the meaning of a ‘perfect marriage’ change often? Yes it does.

When two people take the vows to last together for a life time, it is a perfect situation. Then should these two repeat the scene of taking vows? The very chance they give to be open to handle things together rather than alone is a big change in their lives. If welcoming this change is considered perfect situation, so a pefect marriage is where change is welcomed, tried and importantly accepted.

Tips to accept these changes for a lifetime:

  • Understand that no person remains the same all the time.
  • Be ready to be shocked all the time
  • You’ve heard this many times, but try to LISTEN. And ask for more before you conclude.
  • When you are unhappy about a change COMMUNICATE but make sure you do it in the right time. Do not post pone saying it out for more than two days.
  • Understand that just because you are a man or a woman you can take things in a different way and stick to it. Ultimately we are all human
  • If you have to argue about other people, do it. and when you’re done, understand that you were talking about other people not about your own theories.
  • Understand that your beliefs need not be proven facts. However respect the same in the other person.

Many people say that this is the root of happy marriage : DO NOT EXPECT anything. Well what is a marriage without any expectations? But it doesn’t mean that you keep expecting always. You can talk of your expectations and LET THEM GO rather than believe that they will come true.