Preparing for Divorce

Do not jump into divorce. With divorce comes personal changes in life and lifestyle, and also changes in finances and budget. Divorce can be detrimental in so many ways – emotionally, physically and financially. So take some time to prepare for this decision, in order to lead a decent life after your divorce. With careful planning and budgeting, you can not only survive divorce, you can live a happy and enjoyable life as you get back on your feet again.

If your husband has been contributing more financially and you had been taking care of domestic affairs only, you will have tough time financially if you don’t plan your things properly before you seek divorce. If you are contemplating divorce gather all financial information such as: income, expenses, investing, credit cards, loans, family business, etc. and make copies.

Divorce will cost you some money and it may cost more depending on the type of your divorce you are seeking. Besides you will need other types of support like counselling (legal and mental health) to wade through the quagmire of divorce. For your daily needs you will need some cash so keep your cash ready for all these expenses.

Types of Divorce:

Legal Separation -for couples that do not want to finalize divorce for various reasons
Pro-Se -for couples with few disputes, few assets, and no children
Mediation -for couples who have issues to settle, but no reasons to go to court
Traditional -for couples that want to fight to teach each other lessons or take revenge
Collaborative -for couples with assets, children and disputes that are seeking an amicable divorce and guidance through a team of professionals
Cooperative -for couples with assets, children and disputes and are seeking an amicable solution through a mediation-process

Few divorces go to court. Not all divorce cases require hiring an attorney. Most divorce cases are “Pro-Se,” which means without legal representation. To get an idea of what type of divorce you will have and mentally prepare yourself for the costs do a bit of research. A litigated divorce tends to be the most expensive in terms of fees.

If you are seeking divorce in an amicable manner, you may not need to seek the legal support that you would require in a highly disputed case. You may only need assistance with the financial aspects of your divorce. If it is only a case of financial settlement a divorce financial analyst could be of help to you. After helping you finalize with your financial settlement he would send you to an attorney to draft your setlement agreement. This process saves time and money.

There are other areas of dispute that require other professionals in a divorce. For instance your problem could be with regard to placement of your children and here you will need a child specialist to determine what your child needs best.Then after you come to an agreement find an attorney to review and draft the legal documents necessary to finalize your divorce.

Divorce affects one financially and emotionally. So find out the right professionals to resolve your case with minimum costs. While you are fighting for divorce restrain yourself from entering into new relationships. Look for a mental health counselor rather than for a romantic partner.

The information here may not be accurate. So please clarify with professionals.