Preparing for Marriage: Tips for Men

Most experts believe that marriage is not about finding the right person but in being or becoming the right person. Though men and women have begun to acquire equal importance in marriages today, parents, relatives and elders compel the husband to think in a way so as to be able to shoulder the responsibilities of a marriage all by his own and life thereon.

A man is often gripped with the fears and insecurities of not being able to fulfill these expectations and responsibilities. This causes him to be skeptical about the future and marriage as whole.

Things men should consider before marriage:

There are certain things which men need to ponder and decide upon before or while considering marriage with a woman:

  • Always remember that marriage is a lifelong commitment and cannot be taken lightly. So alongwith it comes responsibilities, sacrifice, loyalty and the willingness to share everything with your wife.
  • Nothing can be perfect in this world and marriages are certainly not. So be prepared for the tough times and try to always reach a common solution for all problems with your spouse.
  • Sacrifice and compromise is the key to happiness. So always put your desires before hers to make her feel loved and wanted in this relationship or bond you both have tied together for life.
  • Remember that a few months from now there are going to be differences, conflicts and quarrels but always try reaching a solution rather than blaming her for everything. In other words forgive and forget the harsh exchange of words and start afresh.
  • Always acknowledge your mistakes and reconcile with your spouse.
  • Ensure that you would plan things out together and that you wouldn’t fuss about things not turning out your way.
  • Communicate as often as you can. This will help you to know each other even better. Moreover women often feel very insecure and hurt when men don’t contribute enough in conversations. Also while men are independent of their opinions and decisions, women on the other hand like taking advice and consulting about issues with their respective husband so give your spouse the solution when she wants it.
  • Never impose your views on your wife and most importantly never try changing your spouse. Accept her for what she is and respect her for the way she is.
  • Do not depend on your partner to fulfill all your needs and desires. Instead try fulfilling hers and you will definitely get a positive response.
  • Gear up to fulfill the responsibilities of a husband and father.

Living through a marriage is not easy. Tying the knot can be an exciting experience but everything wears off with time and within no time you would be feeling suffocated in the relationship. It is therefore very essential to prepare oneself for such commitment.