Preparing for Marriage: Tips for Women

Marriage is not all about cozy dinners or parties. Instead it requires a great deal of communication and compromise to sail through all times whether good or bad. The newly weds can go through numerous hurdles that can include regular compromises with choices and decision making, entertaining guests, family and friends, discussing financial discrepancies, etc. But the key to a successful marriage lies in preparing oneself for the worst.

Most women are endowed with characteristics like patience, understanding and sacrifice which are considered essential and integral to a fruitful marriage. However, this can again be true for a few and not all depending on individual capacity and upbringing.

However societal norms and conventions define particular roles for men and women according to which women have been designated to take care of her family in an affectionate and loving way.

Things women should consider before marriage:

The success of a relationship or marriage lies in the hands of both the husband and wife. Some tips which women can consider before marriage include the following:

  • Take a conscientious interest in the feelings and worries of your husband who may not be very expressive about them.
  • Exhibit your support and understanding when he is going through a strenuous time at the work front.
  • Have clear objectives about your marriage and your choices without undermining the preferences of your husband.
  • Always learn to accept differences as they can help in coming up with better solutions for a problem.
  • Whether it is a financial matter or any household chore refrain from dominating the other over everything.
  • Always be in cheerful spirits and maintain a good sense of humor to keep even the arguments light and healthy.
  • Make sure to be as tolerant and least critical about issues, habits, etc.
  • Never lose hope in your relationship. Keep fighting to understand each other.
  • Be frank and confront him about anything and everything.
  • Keep alive your initiations and spirit to mend discord and disharmony that may arise in your relationship.

It is difficult to resolve any problem till you learn to take the initiative to do so in the first place. Therefore communication, compatibility and compromise are not the only keys to a successful marriage but a clear understanding of what you need and the level of initiations you can make also determines the fate of a relationship and more importantly a marriage.