Proposal Do’s and Don’ts

The marriage proposal is the most sensitive aspect of your family and you need to deal with it with great care. There are certain marriage proposal do’s and don’ts that you must follow for a successful proposal of marriage to your sweetheart. Marriage proposal do’s and don’ts advice you in the best way for what to do and what not to do. Read here to know some best tried and tested proposal do’s and don’ts.

Marriage Proposal Do’s

  • Do show all your love from the core of your heart to your beloved while proposing marriage.
  • Do get her to a specific location that is of great importance to both of you. It can be the place where you first met her, or where you had your first date or where you held her close and kissed or the place where you said the four-letter world, “I love you”. The place has to be of great importance.
  • Do have some gift for her that represents your love for her, such as flowers, ring, romantic song or any other romantic gift.
  • Do make the whole setting truly and genuinely romantic.
  • Do make your proposal making the full advantage of the romance in the air. Bring the question suiting the essence of the moment.
  • Do take her feelings into account. Yes, it is your proposal, but can you ignore how she feels about the proposal and you. She may be embarrassed to be in such situation. You may be bold about the most personal issue of love and marriage, but your lover may be shy.
  • Do remember to bend to your one knee. It is the most romantic position that begets love instantly. Your lover may have tears of joy in her eyes and say ‘Yes!’
  • Do give importance to her parents and get her parent’s blessings. This gesture will not only show your respectful behavior and also set the base for a nice relationship with your would be in-laws.

Marriage Proposal Don’ts

  • Don’t be afraid of proposing or wait too long to make your marriage proposal. As you feel you are in love and she is the right one to be your life partner, propose her marriage right away. This doesn’t mean to hurry in marriage but combat your fear that is actually keeping you off from taking up this step.
  • Don’t go wrong with the timing of your marriage proposal. Timing is what counts to make a proposal successful. You need to see how long your relationship has come and how deeply you too are in love. Only you are the best judge for the right time of marriage
  • Don’t disrespect her reaction. You lover may need some time for marriage or she may be just waiting for you to propose. She may laugh or cry. You have to deal with it right.
  • Don’t make the proposal complicated and elaborate. Have it as direct as possible. With more complication, there are increased chances for the proposal to go wrong.

Follow our proposal do’s and don’ts tips to ask for marriage in the right way.