Rape in Marriages

Rape in marriages is considered a serious problem. It is termed as marital rape. Marital rape is a term that describes non consonant sexual activities within a woman and her husband. The male can also be former husband or an intimate partner long term.

Marital rape includes different sexual acts such as, sexual intercourse and anal or oral sex. It is a seriously forced sexual behavior and is highly painful, undesired and humiliating. It is termed as rape when your partner employs force and intimidation to make you submit to sexual intercourse.

Termed illegal in almost all 50 states, marital rape is dealt with law. The law empowers the victim of marital rape to make charges in perfectly same way as other cases of sexual assault. The victim can make a report to the proper law controlling authorities.

To prove the charge of rape in marriages, a special interview and examination process takes place. It is quite same as the other different sorts of sexual assault cases. There is a whole history of the cases of marital rape prosecuted successfully in the United States. However, there is a small number of cases that actually have a criminal trial.

Types of marital rape

The male partners make use of only a certain amount of force important to force their marriage partners. Banging may not be features in these relationships. Battering rape is a situation when the partner rapes and batters their partners. Battering may happen at the same time as before or later to the sexual assault. The next situation is obsessive rape when the partners use torture or immoral sexual activities against their mates. They do not think before using force to carry the sexual actions out.

Why is rape in marriages harmful for the victim?

Rape in marriages is not just violent; it is also humiliating. There are great implications of marital rape on the women. The women is raped by a person who live a life together in one home and in some cases make a family can experience serious psychological injuries with the rape incident. They are not only assaulted sexually but the intense relationship of love that they share also gets betrayed.

Most of the victims of marital rape are forced to cope up with a deep inducted deficiency of trust in marriage and in their partners. The victim suffers with fear and doubt on self with an overpowering reality that the sexual attack has possibility to take place again, over a number of years.

The love, trust and intimacy in marriage is destroyed when the spouse who made promise to love and protect indulges in such barbarous and violent act. In comparison to the situation when women is raped by strangers whom she doesn’t know.