Save My Marriage

Will someone help me save my marriage?

Save my marriage is generally a scream from someone who has tried everything he/she could, failed at it and still wants to try. But this time he/she will need help.

Problems in a marriage

There will be and could be many problems in a marriage, sometimes even unique ones. Sometimes only one person has to deal with it, and that is the worst kind of problem any one could face. The reasons could be from not being able to communicate clearly to restricting the other talk and from external pressures to mortal diseases in one person. Lets generalize few problems so as to find some solutions

Communication Problems

In all the marriages that end up in divorce, lack of communication (rather choosing not to talk) is the major reason. These problems could be solved by taking a break from the routine, and listening more to the partner. Also, when everything doesn’t seem to work try counselors. Counseling session help in expressing yourself in the right way if not teach anything else.

Possessiveness or Obsessive behaviors

The general tendencies of possessiveness/obsession show up early in the ‘courtship’ times. It all depends on how the partners receive it and address it. However in such problems after marriage the complainant has at some point of time enjoyed their partner’s possessiveness or obsession. Infact he/she have also told his/her partner about their enjoying such behavior. However this behavior needs professional advice. Please visit a psychiatrist immediately.


The reason behind why affairs start still remains a mystery because each situation is as different as any two people’s face. However, under deep hypnosis, people having affairs tend to show certain dissatisfaction in a marriage as a reason. These people use this reason to satisfy sexual urges (not always) or even to show anger on their spouses. A person needs huge amounts of patience, love and understanding to get a person out of an affair. The fact that there are more than two person being affected makes this issue very complicated.

Diseases and Accidents

The worst part of anyone’s life is getting afflicted with life taking disease or facing an accident. And the pain is two folds when someone’s spouse is affected. In some cases a husband or wife will have to deal with their spouse’s disease or injury for a lifetime. This makes it very difficult for them as all they find themselves doping is – giving love to their partner. When GIVING all the time some times, these people face situations where they have to ask themselves what they are going to get out of this selfless service.

The inability to keep giving more and trying to keep giving cause a deep conflict. In such cases, probably even psychiatrist or behavior therapists do not help. Hence moving out or staying in is a huge task. But consulting psychiatrists, talking to your closest friends, analyzing your life’s dreams and also finding another way out to help your partner is the best way to face these situations.


Apart from those whose married lives are shattered by diseases and accidents, most of the other problems in a marriage can be solved. What it needs, however, is time, communication and a higher perspective.