Signs of Infidelity

The religious implication of the word infidel is one who lacks faith and belief in the teachings of a religion. Not very far from this inference is the concept of deception in a relationship or marriage.

You would notice over time that your partner is losing his or her affection towards you when you are able to associate his or her infidelity or unfaithfulness to his or her voluntary failure to comply with the commitment and love he or she had promised to shower on you during the initial stages of your marriage.

Signs of infidelity:
The most common signs of deception on the part of your partner can occur on the following grounds and situations:

  • When your spouse seems bored and disinterested in hobbies, children, and other household chores.
  • Reduced levels of intimacy shared between you two.
  • When your spouse says that he or she wants a change in his or her life like anything dangerous or thrilling.
  • When your spouse suffers from a complex or lacks self esteem.
  • When you notice that your spouse is uneasy and fretting about things at home.
  • When your spouse is unavailable at work and recently has developed the habit of going out alone.
  • When your spouse doesn’t initiate to complete the chores or responsibilities related towards you, towards his or her own children or towards the house.
  • When he or she is not willing to communicate with you and has become more secretive and confined.
  • If he or she is more attentive and defensive about your queries.
  • If she or he has suddenly got into the mood of grooming herself or himself.
  • When your spouse is resorting to secret talks over the phone and schedules his or her plans according to yours.
  • When undue payments and bank statements make no sense to you.
  • When he or she doesn’t participate freely in family events and celebrations.
  • When he or she always talks about monetary concerns.
  • Finally when you discover for yourself that he or she is lying to you about many things.

When people are compelled to marry then failure to comply with commitment and compatibility is justified to a certain extent, but when people make a personal choice to marry someone then he or she must never leave any stone unturned in trying to make the marriage a success.

Deception is never a way to quit relationships or give up on anything. It is as simple as giving up altogether if your marriage is not working with numerous efforts from your and your partner’s side or to keep fighting hurdles to stay together.