Single Parenting Tips

Buddies, though most of us have grown up in two parent families children, I feel we are actually reared up by one of the parents because we are either close to one of our parents or none. So single parenting is the truth and not a rare or novel case. Many of us had busy father whom we hardly met and we had our mothers to counsel us, support us as we grew up.

Support for Single Parenting
Sometimes it is our grandparents who bring us up. All that we require is someone to support us emotionally, physically and financially until we are grown up enough to take care of ourselves. So parenting can be done by anyone: grandparents, foster-parents, caregivers etc. For a couple bringing up children is easier because they share the financial, emotional and physical responsibilities. If you are a single parent it is stressful in the beginning specially when you have a toddler and have to manage home and work. But nevertheless one has to pick and choose the right creche and manage time effectively to spend time with children.

In few words parenting is giving company and assistance to the children till they are old enough to go on their own and through effective parenting, parents are likely to be taken care of in their old age. It is all about handholding for survival.

Single Dads can take care of their children
As children grow up financial more than emotional financial issue emerge larger. As more single fathers have better finances than single moms, so single dads can take care of child’s needs without the strain of worrying about the bills.

Single father parenting is more involved with their children and contrary to the belief that mom can only give the emotional support single dads can actually play both the roles (of a mom and a dad) that is traditional caregiving and the financial support..

Talk to your child
Talk to your child so that the child feels free and can share with you his/her concerns. A child will inform you about all that is going on in his or her life and about what is happening in his or her social surrounding and you need to judiciosly encourage or discourage the child from interacting further in those surroundings.

However mature your child appears don’t share your problems with him as this would do more mental harm than you can imagine. Let the child enjoy his childhood. Share your problems with another adult.

Allow relatives or former spouse to visit your children
You and your children should have a normal life. Encourage the child to mix with relatives and other people so that s/he will grow upto a social individual. Social life is good for mental health and gives a lot of indirect support to live a healthy, normal life. Be careful that your children does not fall under the influence of someone you feel is of questionable integrity.

Take care of yourself
Take care of your health. Exercise and involve your children with the household chores that you feel are apt for their age. This makes children more co-operative and responsible about home and attached to their parent.