Sociopolitical Impact on Arranged Marriage

The sociopolitical impact of arranged marriage is grave. This is the most important aspect that the arranged marriages have made on the society. The society gets affected from the practice of arranged marriages in both negative and positive manner.

The sociopolitical practices

In the majority of arranged marriages, the boy is older than the girl. The age difference is kept intentionally. There are communities that term it proper for the older man to be married off to a younger woman. Rarely an arranged marriage takes place, when the male is of low age, socio-economic status, caste, class and even the height of the woman. Class is generally considered the basis of a good arranged marriage.

The practice of arranged marriages leads to an unavoidable and intolerable pressure on the couple involved. The boys and girls are mostly totally reliant on their parents who want them to have arranged marriage. They believe that it is in the welfare of their present as well as future.

The sociopolitical impact

Many people think that the arranged marriages have bad impact on the society. It casts ill effect not only on the women involved in the arranged marriage but also for the women of the society. The women are vulnerable in society. In the case of arranged marriages, they generally feel caught up under the pressure of family and society.

If they are married off to a different county or region the condition becomes worse. As they are far away from home, they become totally dependant on their husband and his family. The women’s lack of support or knowledge of her rights at a distinct country makes the women in arranged marriages likely to suffer mistreatment. This grave sociopolitical impact on arranged marriage is not at all acceptable. In the egalitarian model of citizenship, it does not fit the western rights model.

When seen in the context of society in general, many socialists think that the arranged marriages are an insult to the basic nature of marriage. Marriage should be made to create a long lasting relationship based on love. The arranged marriages reduce the whole religious ceremony to a commercial transaction and even weaken the family values.

Arranged marriage is not considered a genuine ‘cultural value’. It is in fact inviolate in some sense. Every major religion guarantees the legality of freedom of choice in marriage. The level to which it goes custom is the product of a patriarchal culture that suppresses women in society. It is the feature of the culture that maintains the disparity of power in between the genders.

The immigration debate with respect to arranged marriage also holds significant sociopolitical impact on arranged marriage. This topic cannot be left out as it is one of the important effects of arranged marriage. Arranged marriage generally acts as a cover for illegitimate immigration.