Staying Unmarried

Staying single or unmarried is actually a very subjective issue where one’s preference for or against it depends on the individual’s characteristics, needs and desires. While being single can be a blessing or boon for independent and ambitious bachelors and/or spinsters, it can be miserable and lonesome for others.

Being single is a new trend preferred by most young adults today. People have been able to shed their inhibitions about choosing to live an independent life and believe in taking full control of their lives and responsibilities alone. Therefore any social stigma associated with it is gradually fading away with time.

Having a companion for life can certainly be an enriching experience but there is no guarantee for the success of one. So many people are simply taking on the responsibilities of oneself to live this life alone and free of any partner. Expert’s claim that being single is as justified as being married. A similar view helps individuals of whatever age to bask in the glory of freedom and independence.

The social stigma attached with living alone can affect both men and women alike only if they allow them to do so researchers claim. Being single or not is a personal choice and one should not be affected by the remarks and opinions of others if they are very sure of their own preferences and demands.

Moreover since people associate many things with traditions and norms, they may be very confused about people not conforming to what has come down the ages and conforming to that which exists today but never before.

Advantages of staying single or unmarried:

Being single is a luxury enjoyed by many today. So let us decipher the ways in which single men and women make their lives more fun and interesting.

  • There is less hindrance to career prospects.
  • One has no compromises to make with the other and can do what one wants and whenever.
  • Financial independence.
  • Positive feeling about being self sufficient.
  • No conflicting interests so no quarrels but a calm and serene life.
  • Not answerable for anything to anybody.

Disadvantages of staying single and how to cope with them:

Being single can be depressing for those who are never acquainted with loneliness and are constantly in the need for someone around them. Here are the pitfalls of living unmarried lives and the ways to deal with them:

  • Loneliness is one of the major pitfalls of either choosing or being compelled to stay single. One can overcome this by indulging in his or her favorite sport, activity or food or simply by meeting up with friends, family and neighbors.
  • The joy of earning money is to be able to spend it with someone or for someone but you don’t really have anyone. This could be your best opportunity to devote some time and money to the poor and needy or maybe channelize your funds and responsibilities towards one of the million children who are rendered homeless, hungry and alone.
  • You may feel the need to have someone to greet you at the door when you are back from work. But you should revel in the fact that you are alone and can spend time doing things you like best instead of having to meet the demands of others. So pamper yourself a little more by treating yourself to a great dinner and a peaceful sleep.
  • Inability to have your own children but you can father or mother the homeless and needy to get rid of the loneliness.
  • The need for intimacy and closeness you could have otherwise shared with a partner.
  • People treating you like a prey to feed on.
  • Dealing with the nagging and inquisitive people who cannot see you live a lonely life and those who cannot mind their own business.
  • Pressure from relatives and family to get married.

Staying unmarried or single has given a head start to many individuals today who are trying to make a mark in society by themselves. It is essential however to manage your emotions and thoughts in way that it will be conducive for a healthy and safe living.