Supporters’ Views on Arranged Marriage

Arranged marriages take place all over the world. It is a topic of great interest since a long time. They are consensual marriages arranged by the families with or without the consent of the girl and boy. They are also at times known as forced marriages. In most of the countries, they are considered against the law. There is a mixed opinion about arranged marriages. However, the supporter’s view on arranged marriage views it as a best way for marriage.

The supporter’s view of arranged marriages

As per the supporter’s view on arranged marriage views, an arranged marriage is generally safe. It ensures the approval of the family for the union. In the case of love marriage, opposing to arranged marriage, people generally select marriage partner all by themselves. This happens in the majority of western societies.

However, the arranged marriages are not in culture of the western world, they are very much in existence there. There are several Asian or Indian families settled in the western countries, who still follow this way of marriage.

The young people born in Britain and of Asian descent find it peculiarly difficult to deal with arrange marriages. It is particularly when their western and ultra modern lifestyle comes in conflict with the wishes and hopes their parents.

The supporter’s view on arranged marriage views that the most important facet in arranged marriages is the alliance between the two families. They consider this union more important than the depth of the relationship between the couple. The financial condition and property are given importance with the aim of making the social status secure. The social and financial security is supposed to make the agreement of marriage secure.

Do love really grows out of the arrange marriage? It does, exactly in the same way as love develops in the romantic novels we have read. You can see it as lust or even as friendship booming in some time after marriage.

Though it is impossible to say whether the arrange marriage union will be successful or not, the supporters allege that the divorce rates are relatively low in this case. They point out that this is mainly because the parents are better judge to decide who the right partner for their child is.

However, on the issue of divorce, some researches show that the married couple faces a lot of pressure from not only both families but the society as a whole. It indicates that divorce is generally not an alternative left to the married couple.

The girl or the boy is matched in terms of their age, suitable caste, education and social class related with the religion.

The supporter’s view on arranged marriage views that as the two families discuss the marriage issue together and make arrangements and compromises suitable for all, the arranged marriages are more beneficial. It is the marriage of convenience that claims to make everyone happy.