Top 10 Proposing Ideas

A marriage proposal is the most romantic and significant moment in your life. You have to make it special and memorable for life time. Are you feeling a dearth of good proposing ideas? You need to know the top 10 proposing ideas. Here are the top 10 proposing ideas, keep reading.

  1. Adventure is the best idea to propose marriage. Hire a plane and have a banner where your marriage proposal will be written, displayed dominantly in the blue of sky. As she notices it, be ready with the engagement ring on hand to present her.
  2. Take your lover for a surprise break at the beach, in the woods or to watch movie. Arrange everything in advance to have your marriage proposal ready, while she begins to enjoy. You can even spell out ‘marry me’ with stones or flowers at the picnic spot. Do not forget to have the engagement ring at hand as she says “Yes!”
  3. Arrange a romantic candlelight dinner at home and make it just for two of you. Make a glass of champagne for her and keep the engagement ring at the base of the glass.
  4. Take your sweetheart on a romantic tour to a famous site, such as Eiffel Tower, the Empire State building, Egypt’s pyramids, or Taj Mahal, the epitome of love and present her the ring there. Proposing her marriage in a marvelous style at one of these famous sites will be memorable for you two forever.
  5. Go to a disc bar for a karaoke night and sing a love song especially for her. Finish the song with your proposal and bend on your knee holding your engagement ring.
  6. Make a website that carries your marriage proposal. Display your sweetheart’s name and a love message for her. Write your marriage proposal in simple words, directly and have the picture of your engagement ring in an attractive animated way. Browse internet together and make her see the website. Keep the engagement ring at hand.
  7. Other than you, your sweetheart loves chocolate. Get her the box of chocolates. Take one chocolate out of the box, in which you have kept the engagement ring already. Write your marriage proposal boldly and keep it in the bottom of the chocolate box.
  8. Celebrate the festive time of Christmas with your marriage proposing idea. Use the Christmas lights to write “Will You Marry Me?” you can also decorate the Christmas tree with lights and an ornament. It will be a red velvet box with a bright ribbon tied around that holds the engagement ring.
  9. Bring out a full page advertisement with your marriage proposal. She will be overboard with joy and surprise to read it in the morning.
  10. Write your marriage proposal using the glow-in-the-dark stickers on the ceiling of her bedroom. As she goes to bed and turn the lights off, she will see it there. Do wait for her phone call or stand outside her home with the engagement ring.

Use these top 10 proposing ideas to make your love yours for ever.