Top 5 Signs Your Marriage is over

People who are facing the regular conflicts in marriage need to know the signs your marriage is over. You can save your marriage only when you are aware of the signs of a troubled marriage.

Top 5 Signs to say that Your Marriage is over

The following are the top 5 signs to say that your marriage is no more sustaining.

  1. No Compatibility
    One of the secret behind a few of the couples being successful in their marriages is due to compatibility. When there is no compatibility in marriage then there are chances for the marriage to sustain no longer. So, how to find whether there is compatibility in your marriage or not. If you find that your marriage is getting dull, then this could be due to lack of compatibility.
  2. No Intimacy
    Intimacy plays one of the major role in marital relationship. Intimacy can be physical, emotional and sexual. Most of the couples land in divorce due to lack of sexual intimacy. When there is no intimacy sharing becomes very difficult among couples. If you find that your marriage is lacking intimacy, then your marriage is in trouble. If your relationship with your partner is in trouble then you can consider this as a sign to say that your marriage is over.
  3. No Communication
    Lack of effective communication is one of the reason for the relationships to go worse. When there is no communication among the spouses then sharing becomes difficult for the couples. When there is no proper communication among the partners then the marriage is likely said to lose all the essential elements of marriage like physical intimacy and understanding partner. In spite of all the efforts to make your marriage work, if you find no changes in your marriage then you can consider this as a sign that your marriage sustains no more.
  4. No Children
    Another issue for the couples to fight is children. If there are no children in your marriage then there are huge chances for the conflicts to occur. If you think that your partner fights with you regularly because there are no children in your marital relationship, then this could be one sign indicating that your marriage is over.
  5. Regular Conflicts
    A few of the times you might find regular conflicts in your marriage. Conflicts can be resolved easily if, you have awareness on conflict resolution techniques. When there are lack of conflict resolution techniques then conflicts might lead you to a worse situation and might even end up with divorce. It is advisable to save your relationship by knowing the signs of a troubled relationship.