Top Ways to Handle Divorce Anger

To be angry during or after divorce is a quite normal. Any one can be angry in such emotionally tormenting phase of life. However, the real problem comes when your anger turns destructive as rage and revenge. Here are the top ways to handle divorce anger.

If you handle your divorce anger successfully, it will help you to start with the healing process and start life afresh. Whether it is your divorce proceedings going on or your divorce got over recently, you may sense a great deal of anger and rage on your ex-husband or ex wife. You may think as well that he or she has ruined your life, they have behaved badly and they must be punished for this and so on.

Accept Your Anger

Anger is not always bad. The feelings of anger also act as an important part of your healing process too. If you will show your anger and give it a releasing outlet, you may experience a great sign of relief. Take a paper or your diary and sit down to write all those things that you feel that he or she did wrong to you. It will release all the anger that was stacked up in your mind consciously or unconsciously. Do not hide anything while writing. Tell him or her how he or she hurt you, or how tensed you were to make the successful and how depressed you are that it didn’t.

After you are done, do not hand it over to your spouse. Or in case it is your diary, keep it safe with you and never let them see it. You can burn or tear those pages away. What is important is to allow yourself to vent that feeling of anger. Now that your anger is over, you don’t need them anymore. You’ve accepted your anger. You are now ready to move on with life and work out what went wrong in your life.

Some other tried and tested top ways to handle divorce anger-

  • Say it out only where you are the only one to hear.
  • Tell it to your friend, psychologist or therapist.
  • Be responsible for your mistakes in the marriage.
  • Identify the particular incidents or emotions that still make you angry.
  • Think twice before you react.
  • Walk off the room of heated discussion or end the call when you fail to handle your anger.
  • While discussing things during divorce proceedings, make a third party sit with you too, who can remind you about your anger and handle things when needed.
  • Work to boost your self esteem, the sure way to handle anger.
  • Do not mess things up, talk on each separate issue separately.
  • Better not take the comments or abuses of your ex-spouse too seriously or personally.v
  • Forgive and forget to move on in life.
  • After divorce, go on a long holiday or get on with your work. It will help you to forget all that happened and rejuvenate.
  • Follow these top ways to handle divorce anger to have a happy life after divorce