What to do when husband has Heart Attack?

It is difficult to explain in words how a wife would feel when her husband has a heart attack! However, you can certainly help him out if you have certain useful tips in your hands. These tips would work as effective tools because in a situation of emergency, it is immediate “action” which can act as the best medicine. Knowledge regarding heart attack is most necessary and can save your husband’s life. This article aims to give you information regarding things you should know both before and after a heart attack.

To begin with an explanation of the process, followed by the reasons causing a heart attack would help you better.

The Process

Atherosclerosis is the primary reason behind a heart attack. It is the formation of plaques in the arteries, the breakage of which forms a blood clot and thus blocking the blood from flowing into the heart muscle. This blockage occurs due to formation of fat or cholesterol which come together in the form of plaques. The blockage does not permit essential nutrients and oxygen to reach the heart muscle thus, resulting in the death of he heart muscles. The outcome of the death of a part or whole of the heart muscle is heart attack.
The Reasons

While the reasons of a heart attack have not been clearly defined, you can certainly look at a few of the most suggested reasons.

The chances of having a heart attack can be traced back to the genes too. If his family history has any such cases it will increase the risks of having a heart attack.

A stressful life is often the key factor behind heart attacks. Hence, learn to relax.

Food habits also play an important role in deciding the probability of heart attacks. Eating heavy foods which contain too much fat are likely to increase the risks.

Tips to Remember

Exercise: It is the key to a healthy body. Pursue him to exercise regularly. He has to shed weight, in case he is overweight.

Keeping Calm: Keep him calm and happy. Do not let him get over excited over things. Do not let him strain himself. Everything need not be perfect always. He should relax his body and mind.

Diet: He will certainly need a balanced diet. Check out for signs of high blood pressure and high cholesterol and make him eat accordingly.

Medicines: Keep a track of his medicines. It will help you to explain the case history of your husband to the doctor better. Give him or remind him to take his medicines on time.

Avoid Smoking: This habit has to be killed in any case. Make him stop smoking pipes or cigars as it is bound to mess up your lives.

Support: Give him the emotional support he needs. He will need it to feel confident and move ahead with life.