Who is a Good Husband?

To understand the concept of an ideal partner one has to do away with the stereotypical notions of an ideal partner which neither includes a superhero with overstated looks and a tantalizing persona or a gentleman swimming in a pool of chivalry and passion who keeps doting on his wife with diamonds, flowers and cozy dinners.

Traditional notions of a good husband:

It is a conventional notion that one grows up with or generally acquires with time and experience. Whatever be the case, these misconceptions create false expectations that are primarily responsible for the difference between sincere aspirations and reality.

This helps us conclude that men or husbands cannot be perfect. Having perfect husbands would mean easily pleased wives which is true for very few marriages. So when some people believe in the saying that ‘practice makes perfect’, it doesn’t mean perfect in the true sense of the word but that it can certainly make husbands more responsible, affectionate and sensitive towards their respective partner or spouse.

Who is a Good Husband?

Marital studies have arrived on countless but realistic formulas on being a good husband. One being that the husband should be able to protect and guard his home, spouse and family against all odds. Though most women are becoming more career oriented and independent in recent times a supportive, caring and protective husband is nevertheless mutually acceptable.

A good husband also means letting your wife know that she is wanted and that she is his best friend at all times whether good or bad. It is certainly not about making her shake with fright or about having no room for humor and fun and most importantly gazing blankly at her face thereby making it very obvious that you are not enjoying her company.

Another area where men or rather husbands need to be cautious about is communication. As often as they express and share their feelings, experiences, tastes, views, etc. with their spouse the greater the sense of security and comfort she gains. Therefore a good husband is one who is able to share his strengths and weaknesses with his wife and also allows himself to take care of hers. So he actually thinks about ‘our’ life rather than ‘his’ life alone.

Husbands need to be good fathers and wives are constantly looking for that security in their eyes. That is why it very important for that man who holds so much significance in a woman’s life to give his wife the due respect and love that she deserves.

No matter what men have a tendency to forget or abide to the rules of being a good husband and this can be justified on the grounds that they are human too. But do not forget that a man knows what he is and what he can give and in most cases they try to achieve what it takes to be a good husband. The only area where they fail is when they do not try enough, as enough as a wife generally fights to keep a relationship from breaking.

So for all those husbands who are trying to be good to their wives, try a little harder to be more patient, understanding and supportive to make yourself and your wife much happier.