Who is a Good Wife?

Contemporary times boast of alpha females where women have grabbed the seats of power and success. Yet many of them remain unsatisfied and more ambitious about managing their home, family, and children.

Marriage for women whether incidental or not has inspired women of all ages to acquire a perfect role as a wife and/or mother. Infact marital studies stretch more on this issue of women craving to become perfectionists where they claim that women who try to have it all actually on realizing that they cannot, land up giving up on their relationship starting with minimal level of expectations from their husbands. This further contributed in breaking marriages.

While women continue to regard matrimonial labor as a repressive and insecure experience, many continue to appease their husbands thereby clinging on to the conventional view that it is the woman who needs to keep a family or marriage together.

However different women may hold different opinions about being a good wife and hence their approach to winning and keeping a man or marriage may have a specific and distinct approach. For example, some women believe that it is a spotless house or her ability to cook delicious meals that makes her a good wife while some others believe that it takes to focus on the relationship and in altering one’s attitudes and behavior to make a good wife.

Who is a good wife? – Qualities of a Good Wife

Whatever be the case experts highlight upon a few instructions which can help making women be the best partner, friend and guide for their spouse or partner:

  • Managing household chores and office can give the wife a menacing time. But nagging over chores or anything cannot solve your issues but can worsen your relationship with your husband. So nag as less as possible.
  • Be a patient listener and share quality time with your husband when he is back from work or on a weekend.
  • Plan little surprises for him as men love adventure and thrills.
  • Do not limit or restrain his activities if he is doing something justifiable and not wrong like hanging out with friends, etc.
  • Cook his favorite meals and relive the moments of love and ecstasy.
  • Try being as affectionate and appreciative about what he does to make things easy and better for you.
  • Show a keen interest in his favorite sport and adventures that he would love to indulge in.

Though wives have to pay a high price for having to live with a committed and well motivated husband rather than with rubies or diamonds, it is worth the chase. Experts suggest that it is a mistake to look for egalitarian principles in a marriage where both need to stoop or rise to any level in order to live and survive a marriage.