Why Men Cheat?, Why Women Cheat?

The reasons for cheating a spouse are a subjective issue and cannot be generalized. However experts have come up with a number of causes that can initiate the tendency of a partner to cheat the other.

Our deeds are actually defined and determined by the values we have grown up with. Women are conditioned and brought up in a way to nurture their own family whereas a man is always instilled with the responsibility of being the head of a family and safeguarding the issues of his family.

However, contemporary times give enough proof of how men and women have gradually digressed from their responsibilities and are constantly looking for personal fulfillment outside an already acknowledged relationship or marriage.

Why Men Cheat? – Reasons why men cheat their spouse:
Experts have narrowed down on the following reasons which are believed to justify their extra marital affairs:

  • When they are not content with the physical intimacy they are sharing with their spouse.
  • The desire to feel more important and special.
  • When physical intimacy becomes a way of life or an obsession.
  • Experts claim that extra marital affairs boost their ego’s and give them an added sense of achievement.
  • If he feels that his emotional needs are not being met.
  • Continuous brawls and reducing compatibility.
  • When he feels that he is in the marriage only to maintain the needs of his children and to fulfill the financial needs of the family.
  • It could be as simple as a revengeful act that could lead to serious consequences like a permanent separation.
  • Men generally like adventure and thrills in their life and often engage in such activities to see if they can get caught or not.
  • When he begins to take you for granted and knows that just like you forgave him earlier you will do so again.

Why Women Cheat? – Reasons why women cheat their spouse:
Experts claim that women generally walk out of their marriages in search for emotional needs and sometimes even to seek more attention and concern. These are the reasons that justify a woman’s deceptive moves:

  • The desire for an understanding and loving partner.
  • To confirm her desirability.
  • The desire for more intimacy and attention.
  • When she feels lonely and isolated by her partner.
  • When she is bored of her partner and the way of life and wants to experiment with someone new.

People find a way out in justifying their actions when it comes to shifting responsibilities and partners but the truth is that they have failed themselves. It is always the efforts that never go in vain but are rewarded in some form or the other. So never fail to try to make a marriage work because even when you are with someone else tomorrow you can look back and say that you were not wrong and even if you were, you tried your level best to keep your marriage from breaking.