Work Stress and Marriage

Stress management is a challenge when you start a family and eventually get married. This is an imperative phenomenon which arises on account of having to shuffle between responsibilities, ideas and life itself.

Expert’s claim that as marital stress has the ability to disturb the work front so can job related stress affect a marriage. So in order to save both from being disturbed, experts suggest couples to adopt the middle path that is, not mixing the both.

The challenge in a marriage lies in recognizing that each one is unique in their own way and maybe you have a better way to deal with issues but you cannot snub or blame your partner for not being able to comply with the right solution.

Job related factors that cause high stress levels in adults:
Due to an alarming increase in divorce rates, court cases for alimony, physical and mental abuse and single parenting, it can be concluded that maintaining a relationship is not easy. A deteriorating relationship with your spouse can be on account of severe stress faced by your spouse at office. Job related factors that can cause high stress levels include the following:

  • Job insecurity
  • Unpleasant relations with bosses
  • Being entrusted with greater responsibilities or work overload
  • Being allocated less tasks or underestimation of capabilities
  • Noise and confusion at work
  • Unsound relations with co-workers or other employees
  • Suffering humiliation and isolation at work

Tips to comfort your partner when he or she is home after a stressful time at work:
Pull up your sleeves to do just the needful for your spouse when he or she is home after a hard days work. Follow these tips to help your partner forget all the stress and to prevent further scuffles or fights:

  • Instead of giving your bit of knowledge and advice let him or her share the ill experiences at work. Be a patient listener.
  • If your partner is refraining from talking about anything, don’t put pressure on him or her to narrate his or her part of the story.
  • Offer to manage the household chores by yourself. Be supportive and give practical suggestions.
  • Meet the primary needs of your partner and be equally intimate, affectionate, and loving.
  • Adjust your expectations in a way to feel happy and make your spouse happy too.
  • Give your undivided attention to your partner. Don’t let him or her feel ignored.
  • Jealousy is natural and healthy but don’t let it get into the way of things when your partner goes on praising someone at work.
  • No matter what the issue is, demonstrate unconditional love for your spouse when he or she is home.

A stressful work front can lead to poor health conditions and a deteriorating morale like heart diseases, mental disorders, decrease in productivity at work and home and substantial rehabilitation costs.

Infact, a study also reveals that a happy marriage wards off the ill effects of a stressful job like high blood pressure. So save your partner and marriage from bearing the risks of stress.